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New Miner available!!!
posted 12/25/2015 19:40:50 by PoolAdmin

xptMiner 2.2

Best miner managed to improve performance by about 20-25% compared to dga-c17.

Example Usage: xptminer2 -u username.worker -p password (-t CPU threads number)

Please, contact us if you want to download this miner.

Note: for a comparison with more miners as accurate as possible it's recommended to check the value "My Sharerate" of your Dashboard or directly your 4ch/s value on xptMiner

Welcome to RiePool for RieCoin!
posted 12/17/2015 16:24:04 by PoolAdmin

PPLNS Payouts with Full Block Rewards Including Tx Fees!

0% Fees Forever!
Round confirmations after 80 blocks

DDoS Protected Stratum Servers and Nodes

Connection Information
Stratum: or

Example Usage: xptminer -m -o -u username.worker -p password


Windows Generic 64bit Miner

Linux 64bit Miner